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Service Consulting

We have real-world experience required to help your organization make informed decisions relative to a variety of questions / decisions around technology services. This could be for a company wanting to either start, improve, or shut down in-house self-service operations. Or it could be for a manufacturer or solution company that wants to offer the right level of services to be successful.

These are custom engagements developed to fit your specific situation.  For services consulting is custom to your needs, it may include any variation of the following,

  • If you are a company looking to start up your own internally operated and managed service group to support your own internal users and technology products
  • Or you have a service operation that is either not performing well or you feel is costing too much.
  • Maybe you need to decide whether to ‘build or buy’ – meaning contract out the service to existing providers or start your own group.

Also, engagement could be for organizations that manufacture a product or sell and solution that needs either installation or ongoing remedial service in warranty (IW) or out of warranty (OOW).

  • Is this a new start up, new product or a new more widely dispersed product offering that requires either a new servicing solution creation or revamping of existing services?
  • Or maybe you offer something but are finding it not competitive.
  • Do you offer a service, but it is a cost of business rather than a revenue opportunity and want to look at changing that business strategy?
  • You may also want to see how to use Services as a competitive differentiator.
  • Or do you have a solution and need to ensure that you have a competitive service offering to make your solution acceptable to the market?

Contact iTEK and find out how our experience can make a difference in your business.