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Depot Service Programs

DSA (Depot Service Agreement): service programs with defined turnaround times and known, easy to initiate programs. Basically, you send faulty items into one of our Repair Service Centers, we repair and return within a predefined time frame.
MAX (Managed Advance Xchange): full-service program combines repair with full management (storage, logistics, tracking) of your defined spares.

  • We store your spares at one or all of our service centers – Irvine CA, Atlanta GA & Toronto Canada
  • Shipping logistics to send replacement items to your sites when needed
  • Track and bring back faulty units for repair either directly at iTEK or via OEM warranty
  • Visibility; full visibility of your inventory and shipping trackers via your own unique and secure MAX Portal

As Needed Service – you can get started with us via flat fee or T&M type repairs to test us out