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As the worldwide business community continues to come to grips with the COVID19 Virus, we wanted to give our valued Customers an update.

Like all businesses, iTEK has held internal planning/review meetings and are taking precautions for thorough cleaning and sanitation of our workspaces, handwashing policies and workspace distancing as much as possible. We have also adopted an “if you are sick, stay at home” policy – which at least so far has not resulted in any real uptick of absenteeism.

To date, we have not run into any of our suppliers being out of stock on parts or any that we know of now that are closed – but we will remain vigilant to potential supply line disruptions and work to communicate to you proactively.

For our depot service customers, all three of our iTEK Service Centers are operating on a normal schedule and without disruption. The facilities are strategically located – Lake Forest, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Toronto, Canada to allow us flexibility in redundant operations. Should you be interested in backing up any critical services from east to west coast or vice versa – we are happy to engage in that additional planning.

For our project and onsite service customers, we are asking all technicians to self – report and if sick or showing any signs to let us know. We will reassign their work to another technician and to date at least this has not had a significant impact at all. Should we see a situation develop that requires us to re-dispatch and it is going to result in a delay – we will communicate to you, so you are fully aware. The supporting Project Desk team that are also required to deliver on these services can all work remote as needed and all plans are in place to maintain this essential operation.

We will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that we communicate on any areas that may have an impact to you/your service delivery. We will also be working to mitigate any issues that do arise.

We feel at this time of worldwide challenge, that communication is a key component to be a good partner. Please also let us know any questions you may have and or of any changes within your business operation in order to review any required changes and ensure we are continuing to deliver on all your service requirements.

Best Regards,

Your iTEK Service Delivery Team